Revenue analysis and reporting

Revenue analysis and reporting

Get an overview of asset monetization on YouTube. Recognize how to monitor data in YouTube Analytics and downloadable reports to troubleshoot revenue fluctuations and maximize revenue opportunities.

  1. Identify and secure asset revenue

    Build smart habits to maximize revenue from your assets on YouTube.

  2. Manage revenue for multiple partners

    Determine payouts to contributors based on asset performance and communicate clearly and effectively around revenue and payments.

  3. When to use downloadable reports

    Analyzing data and revenue with downloadable reports can give you comprehensive reporting for enterprise-level data. Different reports can be used to address common scenarios, run specific analyses, diagnose potential causes, and plan next steps.

  4. Scenarios for downloadable reports

    Maximize your revenue potential and performance with Downloadable Reports. Analyze what your viewers like and what performs best so you can divvy up your revenue accordingly.