Case studies from successful creators

Case studies from successful creators

We’ve worked with many of YouTube’s most successful creators to identify what it takes to grow their channel on YouTube. Through this process, we’ve noted their goals, approach, and measured results. For a look into these insights, check out the case studies listed below.

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  1. Success stories: Bethany Mota

    How did Bethany go from making videos in her bedroom to launching her own clothing line and appearing on national TV?

  2. Success stories: Epic Rap Battles

    A unique blend of history, comedy, and music content, nails it for Epic Rap Battles. The channel has garnered more than one billion lifetime views and 10 million total subscribers thanks to four key strategies.

  3. Success stories: Slow Mo Guys

    The Slo Mo Guys mix science and comedy with powerful high frame-rate cameras to show us everything in slow motion. How have they built such a huge following with such constraints on their time, whilst living on different continents?

  4. Success stories: Zoella

    Zoella has built a huge, active fanbase on YouTube by creating authentic and engaging content that resonates with her audience. By working with others on the platform and by featuring on more traditional media outlets, she has grown this community further.

  5. Success stories: Rosanna Pansino

    Rosanna's creative combination of two seemingly very different genres -- food and gaming -- her consistent programming, and her savvy annotation strategy have all contributed to her success on YouTube. See how she did it.

  6. Success stories: Truthloader

    Truthloader's goal was to introduce a fresh perspective to the landscape, delivering topical news stories and current affairs in innovative and compelling formats. Five key tactics helped them attract more than 550K subscribers and increase its brand awareness.

  7. Success stories: Jamie Oliver's Food Tube

    A dramatic overhaul of the channel’s programming strategy and audience development techniques, had a major impact on the channel's views and subscribers.

  8. Success stories: Michelle Phan

    Michelle Phan was one of the earliest YouTube adopters to share beauty tutorials. See how consistent uploads, trending topics, and reaching a wide audience helped with her success and growth creatively.

  9. Success stories: VICE

    VICE is known for its bold explorations of "uncomfortable truths" and "going to places they don't belong". It grew its channel views, subscriber base, and watch-time with a few optimizations and smart strategies that leveraged breakout videos for overall channel growth.