Earn money with Channel Memberships

Channel memberships let your viewers support your channel through monthly payments in exchange for member-only perks.

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  1. Membership levels

    Your membership programme can have up to five different membership levels. The most important things for you to know are:

    • Each level has to have 1–5 perks
    • Members at higher levels are automatically eligible for perks that you offer at lower levels.
    • You can add or remove a membership level at any time. However, when a level is removed, all recurring payments by members in that tier will be cancelled.
    • You can set different prices for each level and offer different perks at each price (see here for price points per country).

    For more information on membership levels, we suggest that you take a look at this video.

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  2. Evaluate your perks

    Take this quiz to evaluate your perks and membership strategies.

  3. Introduction to memberships

    In this video, YouTube creators Simon and Martina discuss all the things they've learned about the new feature, and share what you need to know about how to use Channel Memberships successfully.

  4. Extra resources

  5. Launching Channel Membership and tips for success

    If you're ready to start using Channel Memberships, make sure to invest time in the planning phase rather than rushing in and regretting it later. You want to make your members feel really special, and give them value for money. However, it's easy to make the mistake of offering more than you can deliver. Here are some things to keep in mind:

    • Make it valuable: High value for your members doesn't have to mean high cost for you – it may just mean that it's exclusive.
    • Make it scalable: Getting more members is awesome – but not if it means you can no longer deliver your perks.
    • Make them recurring: Members pay every month and can cancel at any time, so make sure that you keep them happy for the long term.
    • Try not to alienate: Taking anything away from regular viewers can backfire – instead, offer something extra for your members

    To set up Channel Memberships, follow these steps:

    1. Head to the monetisation tab in Studio to turn on memberships. If membership isn't available yet, check the eligibility criteria and apply for access.
    2. Submit your perks, badges and emojis for approval. This usually takes about 24 hours.
      • Avoid offering perks that will take more of your time to deliver as you get more members
      • If you don't know how to design badges and emoji, talk to someone who does, or consider using third-party sites like Fiverr or Upwork.
    3. Make an intro video. For tips, watch this video.
    4. Choose the pricing for each level. Remember that pricing varies in different countries.
      • Consider having at least three price points: low, middle and high.
      • Pick your lowest price carefully: would you attract twice as many members at £0.99 as you would at £1.99? If not, you may earn more revenue by setting the price at £1.99.
      • Don't underestimate what your biggest fans might be willing to pay.
    5. Publish the 'Join' button to your page.
    6. Build excitement with an announcement video to introduce memberships to your community.
    7. Plan to keep promoting memberships. You can thank members at the end of your videos or even add cards.
    8. Be patient. Building a robust membership programme takes time and effort.
  6. Perks


    Channel membership allows viewers to join your channel through monthly recurring payments and get perks like badges, emoji and other content that you offer. You should think carefully about what you want and can provide. Here are some ideas to get you started:

    • Videos: Personalised videos, early access to videos, behind the scenes, rough cuts and bloopers, and exclusive live streams.
    • Engagement: Members-only posts in the Community tab, members-only chat on live streams, extra engagement in private chat room/group.
    • Other digital content: Scripts (including rough drafts), wallpaper, GIFs.
    • Status: Custom badge, custom emoji, credit/call-out, polls for content request, ability to submit content for a video or designs for merch.
    • Physical goods: Stickers, clothing, discount codes for merch.

    You can use the Community tab to deliver your perks by using the drop-down menu to make a post visible only to your members. To learn more about membership perks, we suggest that you take a look at this video.


    Badges are an exclusive member perk and they will appear next to members' usernames in comments and live chat on your channel. You can upload up to six different badges, which will reflect how long they've been a member – new, 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years.

    Focus your badge design on making members feel proud to be a part of this group and connected to your channel.

    Barbara's badge designs


    Emoji are fun graphics that your members can use in live chat or on your channel. The more members that you have, the more emoji you can create.

    Here are a few examples of different emoji from channels (left to right): Barbara, GameDojo, Mr. Fruit and 5tat.

    When designing emoji, think about what you commonly say or do in your videos. What reactions do you expect people to have? Representations of these reactions could make great emoji.

    There are many contract design websites and apps with experts in emoji design, such as fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer. Having your emoji designed by the same artist will help ensure visual consistency.

    Before you start, remember that all perks need to comply with YouTube's Terms of Service, Community Guidelines and channel membership policies.