Combine Community Features to Launch a New Video

So far you’ve learned how to use Premieres, Community posts and Stories. But how can you use them all together for deeper engagement with your community? This lesson gives you tips on how to incorporate all of these features into your usual channel workflow, and at each part of your video process. If you haven’t done so already, go back and check out the other lessons in this series that give you an overview of each.

  • Estimated time to complete: 20 minutes
  • Level: "I know the basics of Premieres, Community posts and Stories"
  • Numbers of subs to qualify: 10,000 (to use Stories)
  • Date published: December 9, 2019

Heads up: When you set your audience as “made for kids”, we'll restrict certain features to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and other applicable laws. When this happens, live chat, Community Posts and Stories won’t be available on individual videos or live streams. Find more here.

  1. The post-show

    Once your video goes live, think about these ideas for keeping the conversation going and maintain the connection with your viewers.

    With Premieres

    • Live chat stays active for a few minutes once your Premiere ends. Use that time to direct viewers to your other videos.
    • Ask them what they thought! What was their favorite moment?
    • Encourage them to leave any lingering questions in the comments.

    With Community Posts

    • This serves as a great source of feedback from your most loyal and engaged viewers.
    • Another place to ask your audience what they thought about the video after launching it.
    • Try using a poll or giving them direct prompts to respond to.

  2. With Stories

  3. The release

    When you’re ready to launch your latest creation, these features can help make the biggest impact on your video’s engagement.

    With Premieres

    • Be present at the Premiere and try to engage in the live chat the whole time.
    • Engage fans with jokes, fun facts, trivia, or prizes and giveaways.
    • Consider writing a script beforehand that provides fun talking points linked to moments in your video.

    With Community posts or Stories

    • Provide viewers with the “why” behind your latest video in a Community post or story.
    • Share the inspiration for the project
    • Tell stories or post photos of the process and what made it fun or worthwhile
  4. Before you publish

    Ahead of uploading your newest video, here are some ideas on ways to use these features to give updates to your fans and build hype before your video drops.

    With Community posts:

    • Stay active in the downtime between uploads by giving updates on projects through Community posts.
    • Share text updates, photos or a quick vlog to highlight an upcoming video or series.
    • While editing your video, look for fun moments or bloopers that you can turn into GIFs, or use them as mini-trailers.

    With Stories:

    • Make quick Stories to promote your upcoming videos. This gives something to fans eagerly waiting for your next upload.
    • Make Stories with behind-the-scenes footage, easter eggs, or fun facts about the making of the video.

    With Premieres:

    • Always announce upcoming Premieres before you upload so your fans can show up with you for the big moment.
    • Share your dedicated Premiere watch page URL across social media platforms in the days leading up to drive attendance, and give your fans an understanding of what they can expect.
    • Provide an incentive for fans, like giving a shout out to the first 10 people in the chat.
    • We recommend uploading your Premiere one to three hours before your video is released to get the most viewers tuned in.
  5. Check your knowledge!

    See what you know about community features
  6. Community features in action

  7. Community features overview

    We'll cover how to level up your uploads with Premieres, Stories and the Community Tab.