Rights enforcement with Content ID

Rights enforcement with Content ID

Are you responsible for digital rights management? Discover how to manage digital rights at scale with Content ID to automate the process for monetizing, tracking, or blocking videos.

  1. Choose effective references

    Valid references, containing material you exclusively own, can help you to accurately claim uploaded videos.

  2. Manage your rights at scale

    YouTube has invested in sophisticated tools to help you manage your rights at scale and monetize or block uploads that make use of your copyrighted content.

  3. Control your claims workflow

    You’ll want to ensure the appropriate party controls how videos appear on YouTube and earns revenue from ads. Claims connect videos to particular assets.

  4. Assert ownership through assets

    Before you can earn money on YouTube, you need to set up assets to represent your intellectual property and territorial rights.

  5. Set your usage and match policies

    Policies define how YouTube handles your claimed content. Get versed on how you decide when to monetize, track, or block videos for which you have rights.