How to Make Money With YouTube - Creator Academy YouTube

How to Make Money With YouTube - Creator Academy YouTube

Get the scoop on how to make money with YouTube! You’ll learn how monetization on the platform works and how to start making money today!

Get the scoop on how monetization works on YouTube and ways you can make money on your videos.

  1. Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding can diversify your revenue, help you fulfill creative potential, start new projects and turn YouTube into a career. What would you do with a little extra money?

  2. Launch your own merchandise

    Grow your brand’s presence and earn revenue by launching merchandise that complements your channel.

  3. Earn money with YouTube

    Discover the different ways to get paid for what you love to do -- on and off YouTube.

  4. Making advertiser-friendly content

    If you're interested in earning money from ads on YouTube, it's important to understand YouTube’s ads policies and how advertisers choose where their ads appear.

  5. Manage your money

    Looking to plan for your financial future on YouTube? You can manage your money by setting monetization goals and a budget, then learning how to measure how you’re doing.

  6. Ads on YouTube

    Learn to manage your channel and content to attract ad dollars.