Establish your fanbase

Building a community on YouTube helps deepen your connection with viewers and help turn them into fans for long-term channel growth. This lesson provides tips and best practices to establish those fans and keep them regularly tuning in to your channel.

  • Estimated time to complete: 20 minutes
  • Level: "I'm new to building a community on YouTube"
  • Numbers of subs to qualify: No minimum required
  • Date published: November 25, 2019
  1. Be consistent

    Maintain a regular upload schedule

    • It’s a common best practice to follow a weekly upload schedule so your fans know when to expect new content.
    • Pick one day a week to be your primary upload day. You can then let your fans know when to come back for new videos by adding your schedule to your channel banner, your channel trailer and in your videos.

    Use a similar intro and outro

    • Having a signature welcome or sign off in your videos is another fun and easy way to be consistent for your community and brand.
    • Try combining this with Tip #1 above to remind viewers to subscribe or tap the bell.

    Use fun or unique language

    • Whether it’s an acronym relevant to your content or brand, or a completely invented word, code words can help your community identify with each other and feel like insiders.

    Ask your audience for feedback

    • Go right to the source! Reach out to viewers for direct insight on what they like and most look forward to.
    • Check out our lesson on using comments for more info.
  2. Be authentic

    Be yourself!

      It might sound weird being told to “be yourself”, but it works! Audiences feel more engaged when a creator is acting comfortably and authentically. Some things that might help with this are
    • Wear comfortable clothing and shoot in a comfortable position & location.
    • Practice, practice, practice! Do practice rounds on camera and show it to family and friends before publishing.

    Write a mission statement.

    • Write a short statement of why you started your channel, your goals, the type of content you’ll produce and what an audience can expect from you. This doesn’t have to be more than a few sentences, but think about the unique qualities of your channel, your personality, and why viewers should tune in and come back for more.
  3. Remind viewers to subscribe and tap the Bell Icon

    Remind viewers to subscribe to your channel.

    • If a viewer subscribes to your channel, your new uploads will appear in their Subscriptions feed.
    • We suggest reminding viewers to subscribe at the end of your videos, especially your channel trailer, so they’ll see when you upload new content.

    Tell your viewers to tap the Bell Icon.

    • The Bell icon sends notifications for uploads and live streams to your subscribers. Fans have the option to choose if they receive all, none or a personalized selection of notifications from your channel.
    • Encouraging your fans to tap the bell is a great way to make sure they are always up-to-date on what’s happening with your channel.
  4. Check your knowledge

    See what you know about establishing a fanbase