Operations Manager

Operations Manager

This course is targeted to business users who manage many channels and assets with access to YouTube's Content Management System (CMS) and Content ID. After taking this course, you will be prepared to:

  1. Use the Content Management System to set up your channels under an umbrella Content Owner and,
  2. Provide you with details on the different ways you can bulk upload your content and assets into YouTube, and
  3. Get you ready to use the right types of reports so you can diagnose how well your channels are performing.
    • YouTube Analytics in Creator Studio
    • YouTube Analytics for Content Owners
    • Downloadable Reports



  1. Analytics for Content Owners

    Got Content Manager? Use the YouTube Content Manager to compare performance individually or across all your channels and assets.

  2. Downloadable reports

    As a Content Owner, use downloadable reports to get the most complete picture of your overall earnings and rights-related data for your assets, videos, and channels.

  3. Getting your content into YouTube

    Whether you have a few or a few thousand videos or assets, you can upload and manage metadata using several tools.

  4. Manage your monetization with Content Manager

    Get ready to manage monetization across groups of videos or channels with custom settings and define channel defaults.

  5. Content ownership on YouTube

    Up level your channel administration with Content Manager so you can roll-up your channels to efficiently manage assets, channels, and videos.

  6. Campaigns for user-generated content

    Use campaigns to better leverage user re-uploads of your content and drive traffic back to your channel.

  7. Scenarios for downloadable reports

    Maximize your revenue potential and performance with Downloadable Reports. Analyze what your viewers like and what performs best so you can divvy up your revenue accordingly.