Protect your copyrighted content on YouTube

Know your options to protect your content on YouTube using the available tools and distinguish between available enforcement methods.
  • Estimated time to complete: 20 Min
  • Level: “I know a little about protecting my content on YouTube”
  • Date: November 5, 2019
  1. Rightsholder responsibility

    Learn what your rights are when your video receives a copyright strike or a Content ID claim, and find out what to do if you think it’s a mistake.
  2. Knowledge check

    What do you know about protecting your copyrighted content?
  3. Copyright Match Tool

    The Copyright Match Tool automatically finds videos that are the same or very similar to your own on YouTube. When you upload your original video to YouTube, we’ll begin scanning all the videos that are uploaded after yours to see if any of them match.

  4. What’s the difference between a Copyright takedown notice and a Content ID claim?

    Content ID is an automated copyright management system. For copyright owners who have access, Content ID automatically finds videos that use their material and lets them claim it, instead of submitting a copyright takedown notice.

    A Content ID claim is not the same as a copyright takedown notice. Content ID allows copyright owners to assert and, if they choose, monetize their rights, as an alternative to takedowns.

    Unlike takedowns, which are defined by law, Content ID is a YouTube system that is made possible by deals made between YouTube and content partners who have uploaded material they own to our database.

    Because Content ID is enabled by partnerships, claims are not accompanied by copyright strikes, and can not result in suspension or termination of your channel. However, if you believe you have the rights to the content in the video or a claim was made in error, you can dispute the claim. Learn more about Content ID claims here.

    You can find more on what to do if you get a Content ID claim in this course.