Target your audience

Target your audience

Every audience is different. Learn how to reach the viewers you want and make your channel a daily destination for them.

  1. News channels

    See what the best news channels on YouTube are doing and learn what makes the front page.

  2. Soccer channels

    YouTube is home to hundreds of channels run by national teams, independent creators, and everything in between. These tips can help your soccer channel win big on YouTube.

  3. Sports channels

    Sports channels on YouTube have fans from all over the world. Score big using the best playbook available.

  4. Health & fitness channels

    Pump up your channel with tips from top fitness channels, and become a destination for fitness enthusiasts.

  5. YouTube Kids app

    YouTube Kids, a separate and simple-to-use app for tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs, is a world of learning and fun made just for kids. We’ll share strategies to help you create high-quality programming that can be eligible for YouTube Kids, as well as tips to help viewers easily find and enjoy your content on the app.

  6. Food channels

    Hungry to feed those food lovers? Turn your channel into a tasty destination your fans will drool over.