Best practices for being ad-friendly

If you choose to maximize your ability to earn with ads, check out these tips on being advertiser-friendly.


Not all content is suitable for our advertisers or their brands, so we review each video on your channel to see if it’s advertiser-friendly. Content that deals with controversial or challenging subject areas are often not able to earn revenue.

If you want to maximize your potential to appeal to a broad range of advertisers, consider the following:

  • Keep profanity to a minimum - Consider limiting or bleeping out profanity.
  • Review your content mix - Monetization is applied at the video level, so try to balance videos that deal with more mature topics with others that might focus on more widely appealing topics.
  • Put on your advertiser hat - Think about what type of advertiser would be comfortable showing up alongside your content.


Thumbnails should accurately represent the content and be enticing to potential viewers, but you may also want to think about thumbnails in the context of whether many brands would be comfortable showing up alongside them.

To ensure advertisers are comfortable with your thumbnails:

  • Choose accurate thumbnails - Thumbnails should, first and foremost, be an accurate depiction of the content of your video.
  • Avoid sexually suggestive, graphic, or shocking - Shocking, graphic, or sexually suggestive thumbnails - even if the video itself is not - may result in certain brands choosing to not advertise against that particular video.
  • Appeal to a broad audience - Choose a thumbnail that you think accurately reflects your video but still appeals to the broadest audience. If it does, it may appeal to a broad set of brands as well.

Metadata: titles, descriptions, and tags

Advertisers can choose to target videos that contain particular terms and keywords in their titles, descriptions, or tags, in order to reach the audiences they value. Advertisers can also use terms and keywords to opt-out of content that doesn’t align with their brand or advertising campaign goals as well.

Tips to ensure advertisers are comfortable with your metadata:

  • Make accurate titles, tags, and descriptions - Most importantly, metadata should accurately describe the content of your video.
  • Every word matters - Videos that contain profane, controversial, or sexually suggestive terms can result in some advertisers excluding your video from their campaigns.
  • Words can be taken out of context - Advertisers will often opt out of certain words or phrases - consider how your titles, tags, and descriptions can be interpreted.