Branded content overview

Branded content involves a collaboration between a content creator and brand, with the goal of raising awareness of a product or service. Through brand deals, creators can earn money by endorsing a brand they think their audience will be interested in.

With branded content creators have the ability to:

  • Leverage expertise and creativity to gain revenue and grow a business.
  • Build credibility and establish authority as a thought-leader.
  • Try, test, and experience new brands, products, and services as a valued brand partner.

Brands have the ability to:

  • Tap into a highly engaged consumer community.
  • Reach audiences outside of the traditional advertising mediums.
  • Gain credible word-of-mouth endorsement and recommendation from authentic, diverse voices.

Creators are the heart and soul of YouTube, and we’re dedicated to helping creators grow, make money, and succeed. Benefits to creating branded content on YouTube include endemic long-form content formats, content longevity and discoverability, and the support of YouTube’s in-house branded content team, YouTube BrandConnect.

YouTube BrandConnect is YouTube’s in-house branded content division and one-stop-shop for branded content collaborations. YouTube BrandConnect provides full-service campaign management and uses Google technology to understand your audience, match you with the right brands, and help drive campaign results.

Check out this playlist to see branded content in action.