Perfect the pitch

Kyle Hanagami

Spend time reflecting on your channel, your unique areas of expertise, and the brand categories that you feel could benefit from partnering with you.

      • Tip: Evaluate your current content and formats through the lens of a potential brand partner. Does your content currently lend itself to branded integrations? If not, try experimenting with formats that you’ve seen other brands sponsor.
      • Tip: There’s a brand partner for every creator; it’s all about identifying your unique attributes, and communicating them effectively to brands.

Shalom Blac

Brainstorm ways to authentically bring a brand to life within your content, in a way that your fans will engage with. In other words, just be YOU!

      • Tip: Remember, it’s okay to stumble while pitching… roll with it! YouTube is all about being your authentic self.
      • Tip: It’s a process, if you don’t immediately succeed with a brand pitch, try again!

Molly Burke

If you are excited about working with the brand, they will be more excited about working with you

      • Tip: Feel free to discuss other relevant brands you’ve worked with, to provide context & credibility
      • Tip: Be a creative collaborator; be open with brands and partners about how you plan to bring the brand concept to life.

Brave Wilderness

Demonstrate and communicate why your audience & video content makes sense for the brand’s target audience, and represent a valuable consumer base.

        • Insight: It’s not just about sub size. Engagement matters!
        • Tip: Focus on your community/fan base’s engagement with your content, rather than simply reporting on your subscriber count
        • Insight: Your fans and audience matter to prospective brand partners
        • Tip: Talk about who your fan base is and what your fans care about, as they represent the consumer audience that the brand will be reaching through a partnership with you