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Collaborations can be a powerful way to reach new viewers. Forge connections to find a broader audience.

Click "Suggested videos" in your YouTube Analytics Traffic sources report to see if there are other channels that your audience already watches alongside your videos

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  • Connecting with potential partners

    When reaching out to potential collaborators, it’s important that you make a pitch. In other words, tell them why you want to collaborate, what you can bring to the table, and what type of video or project you could make together.

    Tips for reaching out:

    • Use their preferred method of communication often indicated in the "About" tab.
    • Be familiar with their channel and the types of videos that they make. Include the value (skills/resources/access/audience) that you can provide.
    • Offer a brief synopsis of the type of collab that you want to make.
    • Make it personal: use their name and don’t just copy paste the same note to many creators.

    OK sample pitch

    Hi Threadbanger,

    I am a cooking channel looking to collaborate with other channels. I have 100K subscribers and live in Los Angeles.

    Are you interested?

    Great sample pitch

    Hey Rob & Corrine,

    I love your channel! I watch your Man vs. Pin show regularly and loved the one last week with the beer bottle glasses. I also have a DIY channel (100k subs), but I focus more on cooking.

    Here’s my most recent video about Christmas dinner hacks. I’m reaching out because I have an idea for a video that I would love to collaborate with you on!

    Here is the synopsis of what I am thinking, let me know if you’d like to discuss more...

  • Be authentic

    There’s no formula for making a collaboration video great – that’s where you get to be creative! However, it’s important that no matter what the idea is, both you and your collaborator can create it in a way that’s authentic and similar to the style and tone of your channels.

    Consider these things when developing your collab:

    • If one of your existing viewers saw the collab, would it feel familiar to them? Is it done in a natural style or tone like your usual videos? Your collaborator should consider this too.
    • If a new viewer saw the collab, would they be able to get an idea of the types of videos that you usually make?
    • Are you excited about the idea? Is it something you will be proud to show your fans?

    Measure success

    Use the Comments tool to monitor how fans are responding to your collab video.

    Use the Likes report in YouTube Analytics to see if fans enjoy your collaboration more than your other videos.

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  • Cross-promote

    A great collaboration video on its own might attract some new fans, but combine it with a smart cross-promotion strategy and you have the opportunity to really grow your audience!

    Tips for a successful cross-promotion:

    • Upload two different videos to both collaborators’ channels. This way, both audiences have a way to discover the collaboration and be introduced to the other.
    • Use cards and description links to provide viewers with a way to navigate from one channel to the next.
    • Use a verbal call-to-action that directs to the other channel like "go check out our other video on X channel by clicking the link below" to guide viewers across channels.
    • Include the collaborator’s channel info in your video’s title and description to help increase discovery when viewers search to find your collab.

    Measure your success

    • Review the Cards reports to see how many people are clicking through to your collaborator’s channel.
    • Use the Traffic sources report to see how many new viewers are coming to your channel from the channel that you cross-promoted with.

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  • Turn new viewers into subscribers

    A good collaboration, with smart cross-promotion, has the potential to bring new viewers to your channel. But once they’re here, you want to ensure that they subscribe and keep coming back often.

    Tips for converting new viewers to subscribers:

    • Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel at the end of the collab video.
    • Set up your channel to highlight videos that new audiences may like the best (e.g., put your best or most relevant videos in the top section and make sure that you have a channel trailer.)
    • Don’t stop uploading! You’ve done the work of getting these new viewers to your channel, give them a reason to come back regularly.

    These strategies are suggestions pulled from our experience with YouTube creators and are not promises or guarantees for success.

    Measure your success

    Use the Subscriber report in YouTube Analytics to see if viewers are subscribing after watching the collaboration.

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