Before you publish

Ahead of uploading your newest video, here are some ideas on ways to use these features to give updates to your fans and build hype before your video drops.

With Community posts:

  • Stay active in the downtime between uploads by giving updates on projects through Community posts.
  • Share text updates, photos or a quick vlog to highlight an upcoming video or series.
  • While editing your video, look for fun moments or bloopers that you can turn into GIFs, or use them as mini-trailers.

With Stories:

  • Make quick Stories to promote your upcoming videos. This gives something to fans eagerly waiting for your next upload.
  • Make Stories with behind-the-scenes footage, easter eggs, or fun facts about the making of the video.

With Premieres:

  • Always announce upcoming Premieres before you upload so your fans can show up with you for the big moment.
  • Share your dedicated Premiere watch page URL across social media platforms in the days leading up to drive attendance, and give your fans an understanding of what they can expect.
  • Provide an incentive for fans, like giving a shout out to the first 10 people in the chat.
  • We recommend uploading your Premiere one to three hours before your video is released to get the most viewers tuned in.