Promote quality comments

Comments are a great place to get direct feedback from your viewers, answer their questions, and overall create a community and conversation around your videos. Here are some specific things you can do to achieve that:

Heart your favorite comments

  • When you you “heart” a comment, viewers will see your channel icon with a small red heart, and may receive a notification that you loved what they wrote.
  • This is a quick and effective way to build fan loyalty, and to show your appreciation to viewers.

Pin comments to the top of your feed

    Pinning lets you highlight what comment your fans see first when watching your video. You can either pin your own comment, or a fan comment. Pinning your own comment is a great way to

  • Clarify something from your video.
  • Ask your audience a specific question.
  • Tease a specific moment or easter egg.
  • Pin a fan comment that stood out to you to highlight them.
  • Thank your viewers for watching.

Reply to comments

  • This may seem obvious, but replying to comments shows your audience that you’re listening and interested in their feedback.
  • Use replies to answer fan questions or thank them individually.

Find comments using new filters (Currently only available in Studio desktop)

    This is a new tool to help you manage your comments by allowing you to search for specific keywords and filter by

  • Subscriber status
  • Channel member status
  • The number of subscribers the commenter has
  • Comments that contain questions so you can respond more easily
  • Your response status -- to only see comments you have or haven’t responded to