Be consistent

Maintain a regular upload schedule

  • It’s a common best practice to follow a weekly upload schedule so your fans know when to expect new content.
  • Pick one day a week to be your primary upload day. You can then let your fans know when to come back for new videos by adding your schedule to your channel banner, your channel trailer and in your videos.

Use a similar intro and outro

  • Having a signature welcome or sign off in your videos is another fun and easy way to be consistent for your community and brand.
  • Try combining this with Tip #1 above to remind viewers to subscribe or tap the bell.

Use fun or unique language

  • Whether it’s an acronym relevant to your content or brand, or a completely invented word, code words can help your community identify with each other and feel like insiders.

Ask your audience for feedback

  • Go right to the source! Reach out to viewers for direct insight on what they like and most look forward to.
  • Check out our lesson on using comments for more info.