How Stories are shared

Where can I see Stories?

  • Stories are mobile only and appear on the Stories tab of your channel page.
  • They may also show on the Subscriptions feed to subscribers, and on Home and some watch pages to new viewers.
  • You can check out your own story by tapping your channel icon in the Stories row on mobile Home or on the Subscriptions feed.

How can I see how a Story is doing?

  • You'll see the number of views and comments on each of your own story posts at the bottom of the player.
  • You can see the total number of views across all posts in a story via the Stories tab on your channel page.
  • You can only see the number of views and comments on an active story, and these numbers are only available to you -- not to Story viewers

How long can I see Stories?

  • Stories expire after 7 days. It’s best to post at least every 7 days to keep your channel presence active for both subscribers and nonsubscribers.