Tips for creating Stories

Let your fans know about your Stories.

  • Give your audience a heads up that you’re starting to use Stories in your regular videos, in a Community post, or even make an entire video announcement for your Stories, letting fans know why they should tune in and what content they can expect.

Be consistent with your Stories.

  • Viewers like to anticipate the content you post and when you’ll post it. Try turning Stories into a series you can repeat. This gives fans something fun to watch that will keep them coming back.
  • Ideas: Try an “Outfit of the day” or “fun facts about me” series!

Try something new.

  • The most successful Stories show viewers something new that can’t be found in your existing videos and do more than just notify them about your latest upload. What else could you include?
  • Tip: Stories have no effect on the discovery potential of your main videos, so it’s a great way to experiment with new content ideas and reach new audiences!

Bring viewers behind the scenes.

  • Show fans moments they can’t see anywhere else -- like showing your recording or editing process to get them excited about upcoming videos.

Share your channel milestones.

  • Viewers who watch Stories are some of your most engaged fans, so it’s important to share your biggest moments with them! For example, you can use Stories to celebrate crossing subscriber thresholds and thank your fans for their support.