Best practices for using Premieres

1. Promote your Premiere by sharing the watch page URL, teasing the Premiere in the Community tab or across social media platforms, and encouraging fans to set reminders so they don’t miss it.

2. Upload a Premiere between 60 minutes and 3 hours before the release.

3. Live chat with fans.Chat functionality is enabled before and during the Premiere. Here are some best practices when chatting:

      • Actively engage with fans and be a part of the watching experience by adding talking points at certain moments in your content.
      • Encourage fans to ask questions.
      • Use chat moderators as a way to help find and reply to comments more quickly.
      • Enable chat replay to help late-comers feel just as hyped about your Premiere.
      • Thank viewers who attended the Premiere.

If you’re eligible for Super Chat and have enabled this feature, tell viewers where the money is going in your Premiere (e.g., to buy new equipment, to fund a specific project or goal)