Best practices when using Super Chat & Super Stickers

1. Call to Action

Mention the Super Chat and Super Sticker features in your live stream or Premiere, and bring it up again if chats drop off. Fans are more likely to try them out when they see others doing it.

2. Thank viewers

who have purchased Super Chats and Super Stickers, no matter the amount of their donation. Viewers are more likely to come back to future live streams if you engage with them and make them feel appreciated.

3. Acknowledge and recognize viewers

who frequently send you Super Chats or Super Stickers - maybe keep track of the top 5 or so.

4. Remind viewers

how Super Chats and Super Stickers can help to fund your projects. Setting a goal and sharing it with your viewers is a powerful way to rally support.

5. Make it interactive

Think of ways that Super Chats and Super Stickers can impact your content or trigger on-screen actions. Set up different sound effects for Super Chats and Super Stickers, or get creative with smart plugs triggering surprising actions for donations over a certain amount.

6. Set challenges

set challenges to hit certain milestones or thresholds. You can do something small, silly and fun once you receive 25 Super Chats.

7. Consider giving written credit

in the comments or at the end of your video to viewers who sent some Super Chats or Super Stickers your way. Especially if you were not able to thank them in real-time.

Need inspiration? Check out how other creators have integrated Super Chat and Super Stickers.

Harry Mack

LIVE: Harry Mack Freestyles Using Words from the Live Chat

Harry Mack freestyles using words from the live chat and gives bigger shoutouts to Super Chats. He also promises to send a custom freestyle video to anyone who sends a $25+ Super Chat.

AMA Mobile Live and Super Chat by

Thanking someone for using Super Chat can be a simple and effective.